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Fittall was established in 1970 and Selwyn took over the firm in 1981 (part time) and continued producing clothes while he pursued further studies in Ladies wear with the Seardell subsidiary of Dermar Fashions, Clothing Training Board, Dataknit International, Gerber Garment Technology, Lectra, Cheshire Training, Access Computer Training and Seda. 


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Selwyn Diedricks (Owner and Business Principal at Fittall)started as early as standard six in high school (grade eight) when he worked as a counter assistant part - time in a cafe, learning about business and client service.


He finished school and ran a pop band doing various gigs in and around Cape Town , also furthering business know how and customer service.


He joined the Firm of I.L.Back Tailoring Division, (Monatic label (shirts) Alba label (suits, jackets, trousers etc.) to start an apprenticeship as a learner cutter i.e. layer - up.


While serving his apprenticeship during the day he enrolled at the S.A.Academy of Cutting and Designing to do a course in Pattern Making in the evenings twice weekly for three hours.


Also twice weekly for four hours with an old tailor at his home to learn the various aspects of sewing (machine and hand..


Others interpration of bespoke tailoring


After completing his apprenticeship as a cutter he was transferred to the Design Room to further his education in Patterns and Pattern making under the tutolage of Mr. Charles Boydell (a Fellow of the Designers Guild in London) and his Assistant Mr. Cedric Kippie (now in Australia) Selwyn remained with Monatic Alba for close to 14 years, finishing there as an Assistant Designer and then to Rex Trueform Design Room.


Selwyn's interest  in bespoke tailoring was kindled by being able to design, cut, make and trim his own clothes initially and therafter to family and friends gaining invaluable insight into what others understood about bespoke, made to measure and off the peg.


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