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On this page I help you to understand the main differences between three types of menswear and why knowing these details is important to your understanding.


The Three Menswear Classifications Made to Measure The Diffrence


First - understand this;.one type of build is not necessarily better than any other - each has it's place. depending on your individual need you may be better served by any one of the three.

The amount of money you spend does not guarantee better fitting or higher quality bespoke tailoring Instead the difference in terminology is about control.

It's about an art form vs factory efficiency


hand sewing on bespoke suit


It's about something being hand-made and 100% unique (bespoke tailoring) vs another piece of clothing being uniform, mass produced and economically affordable for even the poorest student.

So why is this important?

"Bespoke Tailoring" is not confined to Men's' Formal or Evening Wear i.e.. All CLOTHING can be made by the "bespoke method" being Casual, Sporty, Leisure, Ladies and Kids since it is about clothing being hand - made and 100% unique against being mass produced and economically affordable.

Its about what we are conditioned to pay for, and what we value and define as quality clothing. It signifies prestige and enables the art of bespoke tailoring to charge a premium which makes it sustainable and forces the ready to wear industry to keep its costs down and efficiency up as is in that realm price is the driver of purchase decision.

Others' interpration of bespoke tailoring

Technological change has made the distinction between Made to Measure and Bespoke Tailoring more subtle, within this confusion a battle for profitable relationships has emerged.

Initially all clothing was hand-made, wealthy men had their clothing made by a tailor and the rest of us made it within the family unit.

The industrial revolution changed this and made mass manufactured clothing affordable, but the distinction between the two was clear cut as professional handmade clothing was superior in cut in the eyes of the consumer.

A bespoke tailoring service will require an individually cut pattern, which is then kept should further suits be required,

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