Below are some Pointers to consider when deciding on a service provider.


Fittall TRAVELS i.e. We come to you at your Office/Business or your Home/Venue of your choice and at your convenience being during, before or after office/business hours including Weekends and Public holidays, within a 30km radius of Cape Town, ( for areas further afield) these can be discussed with The Company for a mutual agreement.


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(1.) All fabrics (suiting's) are Imported from the British Isles and Italy being the principal suppliers. Local and imports from other countries will also be considered if and when preferred by the client.

(2.) All Shirtings are of Egyptian cotton unless otherwise specified by the client.

(3.) All requests for appointments will be attended to within 24 hours unless otherwise specified by the client.

(4.) All requests for appointments will only be accepted if and when the initial request is followed up by an e-mail, or a whatsapp on the same number as for an appointment.

(5.) The Company offers Free Vists i.e.

(6.) The Introductory Visit.

(7.) The Fitting Visits.

(8.) The Final Delivery.


Bolts of fbric and shirts

(9.) All other scheduled (as requested by clients) visits will have a 24 hour reschedule/cancellation fee waiver when delivered by e-mail.

(10.) All other visits instigated by the client will carry a surcharge of R200.00.

(11.) A surcharge is payable prior to the next visit.

(12.) Re-fitting of garments are at the Company's discretion.

(13.) After the Introductory visit and ensuing discussions a pro-forma invoice will be e-mailed by The Company to the prospective client with the details of the discussion highlighted, upon receipt of said pro-forma invoice the client will sign acceptance thereof to serve as an order to proceed.

14.) The returned order must be accompanied by the payments specified and under the terms as shown on the pro-forma invoice before the instructions on the order can proceed..

(15.) When the fabric and trims are received by The Company the Client will be informed and shown the afore mentioned fabric and trims then the second part of the order will be enacted i.e. 50% of the cut, make and trim costs must be received by The Company before a fitting and completion date can be given.

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