Bespoke tailoring is an art form vs factory efficiency, it's about something being hand-made and 100% unique vs another piece of clothing being uniform, mass-produced and economically affordable.


Simply put, bespoke tailoring means the garments are designed from a bare canvas using the measurements taken individually from clients. The measurements are then used to cut out the pattern. This cut out pattern is then laid to cut the fabric chosen by the client. As opposed to "made to measure" relies on a standard pattern which may not be exactly appropriate for a specific client,


Bespoke Tailoring Made to Measure Others' interpretations of bespoke tailoring

Why would I want a bespoke suit?

Every man and woman should have bespoke suits in their collection. Bespoke suits are individually made for the wearer and delicately handcrafted to fit perfectly. Everyone can own a masterpiece with our elegant and luxurious collection, without the hefty price tag.

Can you replicate a suit style or a shirt style that I want?

Yes, we can replicate any suit style or shirt style that the client prefers. We value any inputs on design and style from our distinguished clients.

Is it possible for me to supply a sample suit or shirt that I want copied?

Yes, you may supply a sample suit or shirt or a photo from a magazine you would like for us to copy on your initial appointment. your new suit or shirt can then be modified according to the client's specifications and fit.

Would you recommend dry cleaning as an option when caring for my bespoke garments?

Repeated exposure to heat and chemicals used in dry cleaning can reduce the durability of your garments and can even cause an unpleasant stain on the fabric. You can take care of your custom shirts, for example, by machine-wash then just hang to dry after. If you prefer to have your clothes dry-cleaned, always inform the cleaners not to use any kind of starch that can damage the fabric, and to iron the shirts by hand.

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Do you rely on standard patterns for your bespoke clothing?

Since our expertise is on creating bespoke clothing, we do not rely on established or standard patterns. Bespoke clothing is special because it is entirely unique and perfectly drauphted and fitted to suite every individual.

Where do you create your "clothes"?

All our clothes are locally produced and made by hand by superb and experienced craftsmen in our Cape Town workshop.

Am I free to choose the fabrics for my bespoke clothes?

We take pride in our relationships with our clients. Thus, we ensure your active participation in the creation of your bespoke clothing.
From the selection of the style, design, color, and fabric, your ideas and preferences are noted and taken into consideration..

Our shirt fabrics are mostly Egyptian cotton and finished from Europe, while almost all our suit fabrics are imported from specifically the United Kingdom and Italy. But all shirting and or suiting can also be selected from our local suppliers if the client prefers.

How often do you change your fabric collection?

We carry over 3000 fabrics and we strive to showcase the latest and only the best fabrics in our collection. In this regard, we constantly update our collection as often as three to four times each year.

I often see thread count on fabrics, why does it matter?

Thread count is the number of threads present and woven in a particular square inch of the cloth. Thread count matters because it distinguishes the softness and durability of the fabric. In essence, the greater the thread count, the softer the material will be. A thread count ranging from 120 to 160 are fabrics that are considered very luxurious. The higher thread count makes for a softer fabric which allows for better color and silhouette when worn.


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How often should I have my measurements taken?

Your measurements are taken only once during your initial appointment and we only keep your details as reference for your future orders. If for some reason you would like to have your measurements taken again.

being measured for a bespoke tailored suit

How long will my bespoke suit last before I should purchase another one?

This will depend on the wearer. With proper care, a well-made bespoke suit should last for many years. If you would like to alter your suit (which we've made) our suits can be modified to your specifications.

Is it possible to have a friend present on my first fitting appointment with you?

Feel free to have your family or friends present on your initial fitting with us. They are also eligible for a fitting during the appointment, if they choose to.

With the burgeoning tailoring business what makes you special from the rest?

Fittall is an established bespoke tailor for almost fifty years.

All about us at Fittall

We are special not only because we have been in the business for many years. We are special from all the rest because we value our craftsmanship as well as our relationships with our clients. We ensure that each bespoke suit is made by hand and follows a thorough quality control inspection - all for a highly competitive price.

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