Are you looking for a bespoke tailoring suit and / or custom shirt maker with exceptional workmanship and with a superb quality fabric?.


Fittall TRAVELS i.e. We come to you at your Office/Business or your Home/Venue of your choice and at your convenience being during, before or after office/business hours including Weekends and Public holidays, within a 30km radius of Cape Town.

For areas further afield these can be discussed with The Company for a mutual agreement.

A text, call or whatsap and/or an e-mail from you or someone on your behalf (secretary/personal assistant) to make an appointment for Fittall to visit you at a specific place, date and time of your choice, which should be followed up by either an e-mail or a text confirming the appointment.


Bespoke Tailoring Made to Measure All about us


Call or Text +27827263010 for an Appointment or You can also "whatsapp"

For almost 50 years Fittall one of Cape Town's and Southern Africa's great tailors has provided bespoke tailoring and custom shirt maker services to clients throughout Cape Town and across Southern Africa.

Throughout this time leading identities from local and national politics, the law, medicine, diplomacy, business and entertainment have enjoyed the benefits of tailoring skills based on the best traditions of England's Saville Row, the home of bespoke tailoring.

 At Fittall tailors high quality garments are made, for discerning ladies and gentlemen, entirely hand - crafted and precision cut from a unique pattern especially drafted to your physique and measurements.

Fittall have assiduously maintained the exacting standards, the quality, the cut, the style and the fit that has made our name synonymous with exclusive bespoke tailoring.

First - understand this, one type of build is not necessarily better than any other - each has it's place. depending on your individual need you may be better served by any one of the three.

The amount of money you spend does not guarantee better fitting or higher quality bespoke tailoring.

Instead the difference in terminology is about control.

It's about an art form vs factory efficiency.


a design studio and workshop  like the one at Fittall.


Today as business principal, designer, personal service and old world hand craftsmanship, and sourcing of the very best of materials from around the world,
Fittall continues to deliver clothes of timeless elegance and unparalleled quality.

Fittall offers suits for business and formal wear, jackets, blazers, trousers, waistcoats, overcoats and shirts for ladies and gentlemen.

Talk to those who own bespoke clothing made by Fittall without doubt they will confirm that once you have experienced the luxury of our bespoke tailoring and custom shirt making, you will never settle for anything less than the same perfection again.


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