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Ladies pant suit in bright red for summer


The female power suit is a popular phenomenon with it’s tailored silhouette flattering shape providing the ideal outfit on a number of different shapes and sizes.

There is a huge embrace of bright summer colours at the moment as it is a seasonal trend and great to see a fresh and colourful palette while we can.

There is a melange of strong vibrant colours, prints and materials that are very versatile and ideal to draw inspiration to your summer style especially for work or day to night where a transitional piece is required.

Whether you are a 6ft model or a former secretary of state, the summer suit has held its place in the wardrobe and proved that it is not a restricted outfit but a timeless one.

Ladies pantsuit in suiting


The blazer and trousers are tailored accordingly to a swan like physique displaying a sophisticated style and an ideal outfit for an event or a night out.

As the suit is an example of the professional look, a simple bespoke shirt inside the blazer would make it appropriate for the office or an event.

Unfortunately we cannot all be graced with height which is why a cigarette trouser would be better suited to the petite shape alongside the tailored trouser to maintain the classic look.

Lets have a look at some printed bespoke shirt and trousers at the launch of Stella McCartney’s pre spring/summer collection for 2016.

The classic trouser and bespoke shirt were of the same black print with sea green, orange and bright purple leopards.

An unusual print but a great showcase of Liv’s individual style.

The look is carefree and stylish with the black balancing out the colour whilst making the wildlife stand out.

These pieces can easily be worn separately as statement pieces allowing multi usage out of an individual garment.

An exotic trouser/shirt can be an easy way to brighten up an outfit (for example the power suit) by pairing either piece with a simple blazer you have a stylish and edgy look.

We are all familiar with the worldwide phenomenon that is Jurassic Park and with its recent screening on television.

Who would have thought there would be inspired female suiting tailoring in the film aside from all the reckless dinosaurs.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire Dearing, the park’s operations manager; however her professionalism is transferred into her style.

Dearing wears a stunning white two piece suit and feminine skirt as opposed to a trouser.

The pencil skirt is a cooler option for the summer months with white being a neutral colour that can be paired with any print, colour or designed material.

If one did not want to colour block. Dearing pairs a matching notched lapelled blazer casually with her pencil skirting and blouse.

Alternatively, a white bespoke shirt could be substituted into this outfit to create the traditional two piece suit effect.

A diverse suit advocate is the American working woman Hillary Clinton who has announced her candidacy for the 2016 American presidency.

A more than tedious journey for Mrs. Clinton however, she approaches it with elegance and style as always.

Clinton has perfected the tailored suit look throughout the years wearing numerous different classic and feminine suits.

Clinton is a busy woman however she never lets her style suffer because of this.

Here Clinton shows her eye for colour and a twist on the typical black suit.

She also wears a white two piece suit with a traditional blazer and trouser and has thus created a colour blocked outfit through matching her accessories.

The look is efficient, stylish, fresh and an easy office look that can work outside office hours also for upcoming summer weddings, christenings or in Mrs. Clinton’s case the Presidential Campaign.

Alexander Wang presented his Pre Spring/Summer 2016 collection recently with hints of edgy and androgynous style.

Wang displayed contemporary designs that are appropriate for everyday wear with a dark to neutral colour palette.

Wang presented his take on tailoring in the form of an oversized blazer and tailored shorts.

The grey blazer has a cross hatched effect with shoulder padding, notched lapels and black pockets.

Although the colours are much less vibrant for summer the look is effortlessly chic for those who do not want to spend ages to get ready in the morning.

The two piece suit is equipped with matching shorts, an incredibly innovative perspective on summer office wear, however they are very efficient and different for those looking for a statement piece that does not involve a luminescent pale.

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