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It’s time to get a new suit, and while you love the idea of getting a bespoke tailoring one (custom-made or tailor made) that’s a luxury you simply can’t afford – well that’s where you’re wrong. Like many men, you may not realize how much you can save by investing in a quality bespoke tailoring suit.


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The average price range for bespoke tailoring suits starts in Dubai at almost AED 2,000. (R8580.94 @ 16/02/2016 exchange rate)“We have a price that rivals the most competitive in the industry in Dubai and it starts from AED 1,950 (R8366.42 @ 16/02/2016 exchange rate) at the lower end up to AED 20,000+ (R85809.43 @ 16/02/2016 exchange rate)at the higher end.

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The main costing factor to take into account when ordering a bespoke tailoring suit is the type of fabric used,

Bespoke tailoring inhabits a somewhat rarified world and almost has a shroud of mystery surrounding it. Most Savile Row tailors won’t discuss their prices.

Clients who buy bespoke tailored suits say it’s like belonging to a very exclusive club and with prices starting at £5,500 (R125034.95 @ currency converter on 16/02/2016) a suit, these suits are certainly not for the faint hearted (and a rather expensive) club.

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The perfect fit – Finding a ready-made suit to fit is an exceedingly difficult task. Between sleeves that are too long, arms that are too loose, and fabrics that make you uncomfortable, it’s no wonder so many guys hate wearing suits. But when you experience what it’s like to dress in a bespoke tailored version, you’ll get why so many men opt for bespoke tailoring.

Talk to those who own bespoke tailoring suits or made to measure suits or custom made shirts by Fittall without doubt they will confirm that once you have experienced the luxury of our bespoke tailoring and custom shirt making, you will never settle for anything less than the same perfection again.


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